These WALLS MUST go!

I've been watching a few movies lately after finally renewing my Netflix account and feel like I am in the process of achieving something- Only watching what I really want to watch when I feel like watching it. Most of them happen to be documentaries.

Naturally I question this phenomena, because I would classify myself as a 'creative type' and believe in the power of an imagination (and frankly would assume it to be the exact opposite when it comes to movie preference) However I have always been intrigued by the format/methods/"real"ity in the documentary form. They are (most of the time) glimpses into the lives of strangers, A reality vs. a fiction. I learn from them, relate to them, laugh at them, and think to myself things like "oh thank god" or "I wish'...

I like to take it one step further and equate this affinity with my current relationship to the photograph; Psychologically, I must be fascinated with some aspect of the "real". It is why I prefer the documentary movies over the fictional ones, and it is perhaps why I have always been intrigued by the photograph over any other art form. It has a direct connection with the Everyday/ordinary through its' appearance and its very nature... the most analytical slice of the pie that is tied most closely to our own psyche and perception. we react. much like a photograph functions as a reaction.

Does this mean that ultimately I am obsessed with the human? the mind? I think about things like this often. where my ideas come from, from what they are sprung, constantly trying to tear down what is built up, ultimately revealing  the foundation of it all. To deconstruct is my destiny.

impossible I know, but I find the unearthing liberating.

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  1. I feel the same. I am obsessed with documentary and data. I really have been feeling lately that I want to start taking pictures again..I've unfortunately stopped and I want to start creating from a long list of ideas I've written down but haven't been able to touch. Hope things are great.