super bleeder just trying to get vibed

something to get frustrated by. corner. outsider. belonging by association. that's about it.

yeah it's cool. you're cool too, but I keep finding who I want and have no idea where to find them all at the same time.

I'm beginning to think they exist solely as a fabrication. too elusive for their own good, because golly gee could we make some magic.

just searching for the perfect person to inspire and inspire me. wanna make something together. to collaborate on more than just a future but a history as well.

La.La.la.la.la.la.La. but if you live in L.A. no thanks. fuck you.


  1. I understand your frustration. It seems impossible to find connection with anyone. Why do we bother? Its funny that as animals we feel the need to run in packs and create connections, but our brains make it pointless. We are alone, unoriginal cliches. Even saying that proves the point. I dream up my perfect person but I'll never find them and in reality, its simply who I want to be. I've given up on "deep meaningful" friendships and have moved towards enjoying the singular benefits of each relationship without expecting or wanting more. I'd enjoy a relationship based solely on expression with you but I'll never be that perfect person. Cliche: there's no such thing as perfect.

  2. yeah. I really want to give up on this. and about the living in L.A. thing.. ya' know what I mean. I'll collab with c. kent any day.